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📈90 Days Baking Business Boost!📈 

You started your home bakery and maybe you are getting some orders here and there 😄 but what you really want is to get sold out🥳

For home bakers navigating the challenges of

Inconsistent orders🥲

Pricing dilemmas🤔

Time management struggles😰

This course is your roadmap to not just survive but thrive 🤑 in the competitive home bakery landscape.


🔄 Transformed Mindset:

Embrace a mindset geared for success.

🤝 Accountability Group:

Join a supportive community to ask questions and support fellow bakers.


🗺️ Step-by-Step Plan:

Follow a comprehensive plan to realize your dream of starting your home bakery in just 90 days!

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Join in before seats fill-up!

Thanks for registering. See you there!

Boost your home bakery IN 90 DAYS

This will focus on correcting your mistakes + boosting sales + improving your day-to-day functioning for when you're getting more orders 

- Addressing mindset concerns that are keeping you stuck
- Finding mistakes in your existing model
- How to get consistent orders
- Improved profitability (& the fear behind increased pricing)
- Setting business rules
- Expanding your product line + innovation & adaptation
- Improved branding & packaging + presentation
- Finding new customers & growing your customer base in the long run
- Getting repeat orders
- Positioning yourself so you stand OUT of competition
- Advanced marketing strategies (so you actually get strangers sending you DMs & closing those orders)
- Reducing costs and avoiding wastage if buying jn bulk
- Setting realistic goals for a growing business + tracking progress
- Annual planning for sales
- Exceptional customer service
- Handling difficult customers, negative feedback and issues in your daily operations
- Handling bulk orders with a small setup
- Building resilience, patience & self-care as a home baker

Here's what our students are saying:

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Meet Shubhangi Jain

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With 8+ years of experience as a Professional Baker, there's so much that I wish to share with my contemporaries! 
Common mistakes, hacks, the science, the commerce behind baking and of course, baking itself! 

That was my motivation to start Redolence baking school: prep school for all those who wish to become successful profesional bakers.

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