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  • What are communities? How can a creator earn through them?
    For creators,while social media platforms like YouTube & Instagram are a great to way build an audience, their earnings are always controlled by algorithms. Communities are a way for you to break free and become true creator-preneurs! They are customized spaces where you can offer exclusive benefits to the followers you have gained across all social domains. You can setup your own courses, workshops or simply share exclusive content. You can personally connect with your most loyal followers. Here's the best part. You are the only one who decides what your communities are worth. Host free/paid communities and price them as per your wish. You have complete control on your earnings!
  • What are 1:1 Perks? How can a creator earn through them?
    1:1 Perks are ways for you to personally interact with your audience. You can use them to give consultations (Fitness Trainers, Nutritionists, Educators, Experts, etc.) or to give your followers a chance to get to know you better. Here’s how you know 1:1 perks are right for you: You spend a significant amount of time resolving people’s queries. You bio says DM to book consultations. Your followers have questions but you don’t have the time to answer them. We make them hassle-free too! Just add time slots wherever you are free, decide how much you charge and we manage the rest! We ensure all payments are collected and transferred to your bank in advance. Your members receive meeting invite as well as constant reminders.
  • Why should I organize Workshops on Noob Community?
    The thought of hosting your own workshop is an exciting one but the process of setting one up? Frightening. We automate the entire process for you (Promotions, Bookings & Payments). we also ensure that your workshop attendees have a unique experience. In addition to the Live/Recorded sessions, our community dashboard allows them to network and interact with each other. You can share additional content, resources and also chat with members 1:1. If this wasn't enough, we have 1 final trick up our sleeve. You get to reward the top contributing attendees. Want to explore how this works? Sign up today!!
  • How can I setup a course on Noob Community?
    Your expertise is your biggest super power, let it help you earn with ease. Courses on Noob Community let you focus on distributing exclusive content while we manage the logistics. Price your courses on a one time payment or on a recurring subscription basis. Announce upcoming live sessions and share your work. Your members can also discuss and chat with each other! If this wasn't enough, we have 1 final trick up our sleeve. You get to reward the top contributing students. Want to explore how this works? Sign up today!!
  • Meet-ups? Events?Performances? What else can a creator do on Noob Community?
    A stage show for your audience? A contest or an open-mic? Monthly meetings for your club? Or simply a games night? Set it all up in 60 seconds. Noob Community allows you to seamlessly setup and earn through any digital experience you can imagine!
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Untangle earnings as a content creator. 
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