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Egg-free Kunafa Gift Boxes

by Chef Prateek Tripathi

In Diwali's glow, kunafa's sweetness ignites,

A festival treat, in joyous lights.

Please Note -

All orders are available for shipping ONLY in the Delhi NCR region. Order delivery will start from 6th November onwards.

Welcome to the world of Chef Prateek Tripathi, where Kunafas reign supreme! Kunafas is a delectable dessert made with phyllo dough, cheese, cream, or nuts, and topped with a sweet syrup. It's my signature creation and one that I'm incredibly proud of. I've spent years perfecting the recipe, and each Kunafas is a work of art. If you're looking for a unique and delicious dessert that will surprise and delight your senses, you simply must try Kunafas!

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