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For the agency partners who wish to offer their creators EVERYTHING, introducing
PR, brand deals, partnerships, creator collabs: you are a trusted ally- a  partner. With such good relations, why stop at what you do now? Become their 360 degree support: help them scale-up.
Become your creators' business partners, expand your suit of services and earn commissions at ZERO COST for the first whole month!  

Join hands with us as we take over all the additional tasks: the entire new set-up is our responsibility. 

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Offer them the ultimate combo. Partner with them to offer
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Live Workshops
Q&A sessions
​Hang-outs and game nights
​WhatsApp groups
Telegram communities
Professional courses

Cohorts & batches
Books, dowloadables, PDFs
Recorded workshops
Paywalled content
Personal sessions
Individual consultations

Let's make your life easier. Send us your details and we'll call you back!

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